About us

We live in a world of information overload. Businesses are fighting to grab the attention of overwhelmed customers. Organisations are struggling to facilitate internal collaboration. DAS provides you with cutting edge technology solutions to transform these hurdles into opportunities to grow your business.

Company Mission:

To provide Omni-channel Communications & Collaboration solutions for Service Providers and Enterprise that create new revenue opportunities and increase customer and employee satisfaction.

Company Vision:

To enable businesses to reach their customers and employees in more meaningful, engaging and cost-effective conversations.

DAS Telco has an extensive expertise in the Telecom industry, with founders and seasoned experts coming from leading international telecom operators. We connect your Telecom ecosystem to streamline operations, leverage automation, and create solid, flexible yet reliable digital solutions. We have expertise and provide software product customization, infrastructure management and systems integration for telecom. We are helping telcos build operational excellence and solve technology challenges via functional telecom business solutions.

DAS Telco is a part of DAS Solutions family, which is a progressive software development company growing and helping businesses from telco area as well as from other leading industries. DAS Solutions is a team of individuals who revolve around technology, innovative ideas and software that works.

DAS Solutions is the right partner for you because we are: