DAS Telco SMS Platform was designed to guarantee success in the wholesale SMS business by integrating modules in one platform and offering end-to-end management capabilities. By supporting main messaging protocols SMS Platform gives possibilities to connect directly Mobile Operators, Service Providers, Carriers, Aggregators and Enterprises. The SMS Platform performs intelligent algorithm routing management and comes with the origin and content-based routing capabilities.

  • SMS Platform


    Easy to install in both on-premise and hosted environments.

  • SMS Platform


    A cost-effective solution with a flexible licensing for different service modules.

  • SMS Platform


    Fast and easy to use, user- friendly graphical interface (GUI)

  • SMS Platform


    High availability – fully redundant hardware & software solution.

SMS Platform Management


Manage information about the partners both Supplier and Customers, their contacts billing, agreements and other related information.

Create and management of Partners accounts, change the messaging parameters for each account, as well as assign/change a specific routing plan.

Import A-Z and partial price lists, as well as to analysis of the rate fluctuations that occurred, invoices generation and management


Manage your traffic in the most convenient for your business way, both quality and commercially wise.

Assign/change a specific routing plan. Management of the Products
SS7 Stack
Full management of SS7 (SIGTRAN) interconnections

SMSG properties, SMPP server properties, MNP configuration, Backup management, Error management, Retry module

Users management, servers management, company profile

Why choose DAS Solutions SMS Platform?​

See the full features of our SMS Platform here

SMS Platform Features

  • SMS Platform

    • SMPP (3.3, 3.4)
    • HTTP 
    • SIP
    • SS7 Stack, SIGTRAN M3UA) based on RFC 4666 and support ASP, SGW or IPSP mode

  • SMS Platform

    • Multi hardware platforms
    • Multiple operating systems compatibility
    • Command Line Interface (CLI)
    • Available integration with JeraSoftbilling and other billing systems
    • Possibility to use a third party solutions/tools for reporting & statistics

  • SMS Platform

    • High throughput (more than 1000 SMS/sec)
    • Handles multiple simultaneous connections
    • Dynamic connections
    • Static connections
    • Outbound fail-over and load balancing

  • SMS Platform

    • Routing algorithms -Active Standby, Load Sharing, Round Robin.
    • Advanced routing -routing by Sender ID, Content, Error Code, Concatenate SMS
    • Store and Forward functionality
    • Support Mobile Number Portability

  • SMS Platform

    • Multiple SMS character sets (7-bit, 8-bit, Unicode/UCS2, UTF- 8) support
    • Transparent User Data Header (UDH) support
    • Support long SMS

  • SMS Platform

    • Message throttling per connector and per user
    • Customizable retry schemes
    • Source Address Translation
    • ESME, DCS, TON, NPI Translation
    • Full support for handling delivery reports (DLR)
    • CDR and DLR generation
    • Cash server storage

  • SMS Platform

    • Authentication (username/password, HTTP basic authorization)
    • Limit account access on IP addresses
    • SSL support

  • SMS Platform

    • Alarm tool - monitor SMPP links established between SMSG and customers/suppliers
    • Error management - mapping of error cods received and sent via different type of protocol

  • SMS Platform

    • Configurable log levels.
    • Log file rotation based on date
    • Logging by: SMPP, Maintenace, Service